This blog aims to provide context to events and news stories in the Middle East and beyond. News coverage often gives only superficial details when discussing world events, and doesn’t provide enough background. This means that we, as viewers or readers, struggle to understand the true implication of events as they happen. I hope that these articles can help readers understand events within the wider political, strategic or cultural context.

About me

My name is Edward Wakeham. I have always been interested in history and world affairs, in particular the strategies by which individuals, organisations and nations try to gain advantages over their rivals. Further to these interests I have always enjoyed languages and travelling; interacting with and learning about new cultures.

Whilst my university studies took me down a different path I maintained a keen interest in these topics. Once I had graduated I moved away from my home country to work abroad for several years. These experiences across countries and continents gave me a greater insight into the differences between countries, people and languages, but also brought up more questions about the world. This blog is, in part, a way for me to answer those questions and learn more about the world.